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Bookings:  Rob 410-530-6363

Big Falls Inn on 2/22 has been ...CANCELLED...

The cancellation was due to circumstances beyond our control

Please come out and see us next week at the Main Stage Grill in Woodstock, MD, or at one of the many other shows listed to the right.

Thanks, CRUSH

​​​2020 CRUSH Upcoming Gigs
2/22    Big Falls Inn..CANCELLED... 
2/29    Main stage Grille                                    3/1      Pat Ricks                                                  3/6      Sue Island Grill                                     3/7     Donnas                                                4/18    Sylvesters
​4/25    Phillips Inn                                            5/9      Papas  Smokehouse and Saloon      5/10    Sue Island Grille
5/15    Big Falls Inn 
5/23    St. Claire Carnival                                  6/6      Maryland Yacht Club, Private
6/19    Phillips Inn 
6/26    Box Hill Blvd. Concert
6/27    Carson's Creek Side                              7/3      Sue Island Grille
7/16   Turf Valley Towne Square Concert 
7/24    Main stage Grille                                  8/22    Lurman Theatre
9/5      Phillips Inn                                          9/18    Sue Island Grille                                          10/3    Emmitsburg Private Party
10/9    Phillips Inn                                        11/21  Maryland Yacht Club, Private                  11/25  Carson's Creekside
12/5    Phillips Inn 
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