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"I was fortunate enough to have played in what I feel to be the zenith of music in Baltimore-the 70's and 80's. 

Last night  I caught a group that reminded me of that period- CRUSH! I'm sure part of the reason is that several members came from that era-Jim (Franco) Theodore (PAPER CUP) on guitar, old bandmate Bobby Peters (MONOPOLY, JOY) on bass. All members did a great job-Michele, great vocals (even nursing a cold) Rob on drums and dynamite vocals and Bob with some of the best sounds I've ever heard from a keyboard!

So, if you're out and about and looking for a good band, do yourself a favor and catch CRUSH. You'll hear some strong vocals-tight and with stellar harmonies. Oh, and to top it off, they're a good dance band as well"

...Dave Collins (long-time local Baltimore musician)

Interested in booking the band?

Call Rob  (410) 530-6363

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